Ultra Zook – Auvergnication (2023)

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DD-063 – Ultra Zook – Auvergnication (2023)
LP – 16€
CD – 12€

Released May 5, 2023
ULTRA ZOOK is an unusual rock trio, first of all there is no guitar but a keyboard, then they don’t play like maniacs, and finally they don’t pout when they play… it’s with a sparkling and mischievous eye that they interpret their songs whose originality is equalled only by the philosophical depth of the text.
To make dance the zumba by using tunes of traditional music from Auvergne, to make advance the society with deep philosophical reflections, to make turn the heads with a game of home-made lights, to make laugh and to feel very well in its pumps, it is the daily bread of Ultra Zook.

Auvergnication is their 5th record and 2nd album!


Music and lyrics | Ultra Zook

Except Complètement plètement by Jeremy Bardiaux


Benjamin Bardiaux | Keys, vocals
Rémi Faraut | Drums, vocals
Emmanuel Siachoua | Bass, vocals

Recording and mixing | Manu Siachoua
Mastering | Théophane Bertuit at Polyphone studio
Artwork | Matt Konture

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