One of my favorite labels right now, Dur Et Doux, puts out great album after great album. Monstre are no exception. 

Everything Is Noise

They were kidnapped by inexplicable serendipity. First two, then three breaths yearning to walk together along a possibly poetic place.

Always naïve, frequently in doubt, they’re hiding in order to convey a message from monsters and thoughts haunting the envious humanity.
An invitation to share an honest, minimal, a bit cold but inhabited moment.

Alice  |  bass, vocals
Steff  |  guitar, vocals
Marie  |  drums, vocals

Serendipité (Dur et Doux – 2018)
EP (Autoprod – 2016)
Split K7 Monstre VS Pigrider


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Past gigs


21.06 Place Sathonay (LYON – FR)
24.03 St Antoine (MACON -FR)


27.05 Cave Damocha (CLERMONT – FR)

ITW | Odessey & Oracle at Périscope

On the occasion of their concert at the Périscope on June 24th, the baroque pop group answered questions from the Périscope team. Why did you choose the name of a Zombies album? What links you so strongly to this band ? There was something very strong about this...

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