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It may not be an easy listen, but damn, it’s utterly rewarding. Pierrefilant is the new album by French experimental band Saint Sadrill, which comes courtesy of the outstanding Lyon-based label Dur Et Doux. Get lost in the imaginative soundscapes and captivating vocal performance.

Everything is noise

New musical ideas keep coming and refreshing themselves, up until the very last moments of the twenty-minute finale, “Happy Humans”. Pierrefilant might just be one of the best albums of the year.

Can this even be called music

Saint Sadrill’s melodic immediacy is embodied by this thrilling voice hovering on carefully crafted arrangements with nooks and crannies. A singular pop act having big fun when it comes to annihilate the distance between electricity and chamber music.

Pierrefilant is Saint Sadrill’s first album with a band formula. It was recorded in two days to catch the live energy born after two years of concerts. The ten songs in this album match catchy melodies with complex architectures, building up into a thrilling mess which is hard to label.

Antoine Mermet  |  lead vocals

Mélissa Acchiardi  |  vibraphone, percussion, vocals
Lionel Aubernon  | drums, vocals
Lucas Hercberg  | basse, vocals
Anne Quillier  | keyboard, vocals
Vincent Redoux | guitar, vocals

Booking France : La Curieuse – Thibault –

Pierrefilant (Dur et Doux – 2018)
We gave you a smile (Dur et Doux – 2018)
Building Lampshades (Dur et Doux – 2016)

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Past gigs


13.11 La Cave À Musique (MACON – FR)
13.02 ANNULÉ La Cave à Musique (MACON – FR)


01.10 Le Périscope (LYON – FR)


28.09 Chromatique (LYON – FR)
23.07 Les Nuits de Fourvière (LYON – FR)
31.05 Le Colibri (ST GERMAIN L’HERM – FR)
17.03 Lavoir (EPINAL – FR)
16.03 La Préfecture (VIRIEU-LE-GRAND – FR)


13.11 Festival Nouvelles Voix en Beaujolais (VILLEFRANCHE – FR) 
03.11 Les Primeurs (MASSY – FR)
02.11 Bout du monde (VEVEY – CH)
01.11 La reliure (GENEVE – CH) 
31.10 Espace Noir (ST IMIER – CH)
27.10 Raymond Bar (CLERMONT – FR) 
26.10 La Pierre Noire (CHAPAGNAC – FR)
23.06 La fraternelle / Café de la Maison du Peuple (ST CLAUDE – FR)
17.06 Festival baz’art (GENEVE – CH)
16.06 Magic Madou Festival (PEZENAS – FR)
20.05 Musikaren Eguna (ORDIARP – FR)
19.05 Festival des dindes foles (RIVOLET – FR)
03.05 FGO Barbara (PARIS – FR)
02.05 Le Périscope (LYON – FR)
01.05 Cour du théâtre (ANNONAY – FR)
20.04 Festival Phil Grobi (CLERMONT – FR)
14.04 Festival Rencontres entre les mondes (CHABEUIL – FR) 
04.02 Chez Felot (RIVOLLET – FR)
03.02 Lampisterie (FAYARD – FR)
02.02 La soute ( CHAMBERY – FR)
01.02 Marché Gare (LYON – FR)

29.09 Fraternelle (ST CLAUDE – FR)
27.07 Festival Abeille Beugle (VAUNIERES – FR)
10.02 Mix’art Myrys (TOULOUSE – FR) – Délicieux Amours w/ Pili Coït, Chromb!, Saint Sadrill
09.02 Raymond Bar (CLERMONT SA†AN – FR) – Délicieux Amours w/ Pili Coït, Chromb!, Saint Sadrill

24.11 Le Périscope (LYON – FR) – Saint Sadrill + Rev Galen
23.11 La Reliure (GENEVE – CH)
05.03 Marché Gare (LYON – FR) – Brice et sa pute + Saint Sadrill
24.01 Triperie (LYON – FR) – Icsis + Saint Sadrill


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