Pierre Pierre


« Pierre Pierre is the epitome of the romantic singer. Draped in his coat of light, worn by brilliant musicians, he knows how to immerse his audience in the kitsch and neglected world of the French variety. The crowd is dazzled by the charisma of the star, but more touched by the sensitivity of the man. Far from the register of parody, his love songs are sincere works. In our time when everything is derision, Pierre Pierre opens his heart to us. Because love, at the end, is such a serious matter that one must know how to laugh at it. »

Aléric de Gans

Pierre Chanel | vocals
Matthieu Grand | guitar
Cécile Wouters | keyboard

Dans la chaleur du dancing – EP (Autoprod – 2012)




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Past gigs


16.02 Amanita Muscaria (TOULOUSE – FR) 
15.02 Lieu Secret (CLERMONT-FERRAND – FR)
14.02 Des lendemains qui chantent (TULLE – FR)


07.09 Librairie Compagnon (GRANRIS – FR) 
15.04 Rita plage (VILLEURBANNE – FR)
31.03 Les Transversales (CREST – FR)
24.02 Bal des fringuants (LYON – FR) 


22.09 Lamarine à la Plage (LYON – FR)
11.02 Lieu Secret (VAULX EN VELIN – FR)

28.10 La pleine lune (MONTPELLIER – FR )
27.10 Le 9 salopards (MARSEILLE – FR)
10.09 Ca fait zizir (LYON – FR) + PinioL
28 29 30.07 Festival de l’Abeille Beugle (VAUNIERES – FR) Sheezahee, Icsis, Brice et sa pute, Chromb!, L’Effondras, Gwyn Wurst, Pierre Pierre, PinioL…
15.05 Aux Bons Sauvages – La Biennale de Latence (LYON – FR) + Tchorba

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