Pierre Pierre


Brown hair, penetrated look, the singer Pierre Pierre maintains an (almost) intact mystery. Who is he? Where does he come from? Seemingly landed from another time, he celebrates love, bringing back to the taste of the day the variety song for our greatest happiness. Nostalgic for the genre, Pierre Pierre does not hesitate to affirm that “many French people spit on French variety, but with a few drinks in the blood, everyone dances to the hits of the 70s and 80s”.

Fiercely romantic but never mawkish, Pierre Pierre contrasts with current trends, appearing as a paradoxical breath of fresh air. His many influences – among which are Joe Dassin, Hervé Vilard, Michel Delpech, Christophe – are found in the original compositions that make up Mon disque d’or, a first album presented as a best-of.

Sixteen tracks full of poetry, with accents that are in turn melancholic, passionate, frivolous or serious, including the unforgettable. Sixteen finely orchestrated pieces, ranging from rock to slow dance or disco, on which some forty musicians were involved.

Lyrics & music | Pierre Chanel
Producer | Antoine Mermet

Musicians | Mélissa Acchiardi, Lionel Aubernon, Vivianne Balsiger, Alice Baudouin, Pierre Bauret, Aloïs Benoît, Guillaume Bertrand, Amaryllis Billet, Mathilde Bouillot, Clément Favre Mercuret, Thibaut Fontana, Jérémy Garcia, Sébastien Gramond, Lucas Hercberg, Fanny L’Héritier, Omar Horch, Pierre Horckmans, Pauline Laurendeau, Lydie Lefèbvre, Émilie Martin, Jessica Martin-Maresco, Guillaume Médioni, Antoine Mermet, François Mignot, Graham Mushnik, Suzanne Péchenart, Jean-Baptiste Pendola, Alice Perret, Yannick Pirri, Alexis Potapenko, Corentin Quemener, Anne Quillier, Jeanne-Marie Raffner, Vincent Redoux, Mélanie Virot, Matthieu Wadoux-Girard, Cécile Wouters.

Photos © Damien Juquel & Alexandre Beltran


Dans la chaleur du dancing – EP (Autoprod – 2012)

Past gigs


31.10 Le Fil (SAINT ETIENNE – FR) – Pierre Pierre



16.02 Amanita Muscaria (TOULOUSE – FR) 
15.02 Lieu Secret (CLERMONT-FERRAND – FR)
14.02 Des lendemains qui chantent (TULLE – FR)


07.09 Librairie Compagnon (GRANRIS – FR) 
15.04 Rita plage (VILLEURBANNE – FR)
31.03 Les Transversales (CREST – FR)
24.02 Bal des fringuants (LYON – FR) 


22.09 Lamarine à la Plage (LYON – FR)
11.02 Lieu Secret (VAULX EN VELIN – FR)

28.10 La pleine lune (MONTPELLIER – FR )
27.10 Le 9 salopards (MARSEILLE – FR)
10.09 Ca fait zizir (LYON – FR) + PinioL
28 29 30.07 Festival de l’Abeille Beugle (VAUNIERES – FR) Sheezahee, Icsis, Brice et sa pute, Chromb!, L’Effondras, Gwyn Wurst, Pierre Pierre, PinioL…
15.05 Aux Bons Sauvages – La Biennale de Latence (LYON – FR) + Tchorba

Pierre Pierre – Désolé pour lui – A new single in video!

Pierre Pierre has a message for you: "Here is 'Désolé pour lui', my second single that will also appear in "Mon disque d'or" early next year. Sorry for him is a sincere song, a song of apology to all the people I have ousted in spite of myself... No I didn't want...

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