Sheezahee – Noises for the Blind (2018)

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DD-030 – Sheezahee – Noises for the Blind (2018)
CD – 10€

Released on 18 May 2018

Frail skiff under the roaring 40s, tormented off the headlands and rocked by the swells
Sheezahee traces the solo sea singing to the glory of the foam
Ruffled birds laughing as they swap feathers at the zenith of the dark waves
You think you’re dreaming. We dream. We think we are waking up. You wake up.
The sea is there, full, black, the great heart of the crowd in the dark of the rooms
Under the electric sky we drift in the night

Composed, played, recorded, mixed and produced by Sheezahee.
Recording also by Jean-Louis Dias.
Live drums by Clément Curaudeau.
Photos by Clara Alloing, Gabané Mouhoumad, Cissé Adan.
Artwork by Simon Laurent.

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