Rien Faire


This is a light, mocking and sunny record, with lots of breathing space. An imperfect but charming Pop-In-Opposition album, keeping the creativity flame burning high. Recommended for the open-minded.


Sitting in a chair. Don’t wait, because waiting is already doing something. Don’t think, because that’s an activity too.

Do nothing.

A trio to make unpredictable songs.
Sometimes it’s rock, sometimes it’s a delicate walk or a strange melody made to invent dances.
Weird things and pop music.

Doesn’t that look like nothing?
Even better.

About the first Rien Faire’s album (release on December, 11) :

Listening to this first album, one cannot help but imagine that the trio draws its liberating power from the destruction of frameworks and the undermining of old productivist dogmas. We are indeed faced with a singular and heretical object : a magnificent experience made up of ten songs with magical drawers.

Between two naps in the sun or in the shade, Rien Faire has no equal… and the ability to compose pop songs that didn’t exist before, surrealist nursery rhymes (in French) with real noise in them and a lot of poetry.

A record that stands out thanks to radical biases that give pride of place to contrasts. When these idle and sophisticated melodies carried by three ingenuous voices are suddenly disturbed by an infernal din from which emerges the sound of a child’s synthesizer… until the end. So poignant that one sheds a tear for real. 

Alice Perret  |  keyboards, vocals
Lucas Hercberg  | bass, big guitar, vocals
Corentin Quemener  | drums, vocals

Rien Faire (Dur et doux – 2020)
(Dur et Doux – 2019)


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Past gigs

08.10 Le Cheval Blanc (ST GERMAIN LAVAL – FR)
09.07 Pierrefilant (RIVOLET – FR)
24.06 Le Périscope (LYON – FR) – Odessey & Oracle + Rien faire
26.01 Le Périscope (LYON – FR) – Rien Faire + Odessey & Oracle



18.12 ANNULÉ Le Colibri (ST GERMAIN L’HERM – FR)
17.12 ANNULÉ Le Cheval Blanc (ST GERMAIN LAVAL – FR)
18.10 Le Galpon (TOURNUS – FR)
17.10 Espace Noir (SAINT-IMIER – CH)
07.03 L’Ambuscade (LYON – FR)
17.01 Kraspek Myzik (LYON – FR) – Rien Faire + LFant


15.12 L’Hicam (MONTOISON – FR) – Hidden People + Rien Faire​
01.11 Sonic (LYON – FR) 
30.10 Le Périscope (LYON – FR) 
19.10 Chromatique (LYON – FR) 
12.10 Salle des Rancy (LYON – FR)

Magical link to an unknown world

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