Les Secrètes Sessions in video from June 24th to July 7th !

Cuckoo the web! Get ready for the show, from Friday, June 24 to Wednesday, July 7, check out one video a day from a different ephemeral band, in all styles. At 12 o'clock ! Welcome to the kingdom of musical swing! Here : cutt.ly/8KEemdM And there will even be an album...

Bess of Bedlam, Mirlitorrinco, Rien Faire | It’s almost summer! Don’t miss our spring releases

They have not been idle! Here are the spring releases: We are happy to present you at Dur et Doux the new album of Bess of Bedlam (the 2 buddies of Odessey & Oracle), Dance Until The Crimes End. It's sweet, sophisticated, folk pop and also sometimes psychedelic....

June 2022 playlist by Alex Albessard

This month Alex Albessard (our production manager) is in charge of the playlist. Discover the imaginary soundtrack of a trip mixing oblique cities, hallucinatory deserts and well-deserved rest after saving the Earth. Damn it : Spotify | Deezer | YouTube

Dur et Doux | June 2022

Dur et Doux - june 2022 duretdoux.com 01.06 | Bess of Bedlam | Presbyt’hair (BEAUREGARD – FR) 04.06 | Bess Of Bedlam | L'Anthropo (PERPIGNAN – FR) cutt.ly/oJh7tun 04.06 | PoiL Ueda | Le Brise Glace (ANNECY – FR) cutt.ly/MJh7oPN 05.06 | Bess Of Bedlam | La Pierre Noire...


Oléla ! Bess of Bedlam is the project of Fanny L'Héritier accompanied by Guillaume Médioni that you already discovered in Odessey & Oracle.The second album is in the starting block. It is called 'Dance until the crimes end' and will be released on May 20th by Dur...

PoiL Ueda | Kokô 安宅 new live video

Here is a second concert excerpt from PoiL Ueda, a meeting between an expanded version of PoiL and Japanese artist Junko Ueda around popular epic tales from The Heike Epic, the third part of a Japanese medieval classic.

Pierre Pierre | Video clip – Une histoire sans le lendemain

A story without tomorrow but a clip for eternity. A huge thank you to Mlle Dou who knew how to put in image my feelings. Embark quickly on the boat of love! - Pierre Pierre

PoiL Ueda | Live video at Théâtre de la Renaissance

We've been waiting long enough to show you what PoiL Ueda looks like live. This is a first extract: Dan no Ura, major sea battle of the Genpei War in 1185. Enjoy ! See you on the tour !

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