Dur & Doux | January 2022

Dur & Doux | January 2022 duretdoux.com Happy new year See you next time ! 1̷2̷.̷0̷1̷ ̷|̷ ̷N̷i̷ ̷|̷ ̷ E̷s̷p̷a̷c̷e̷B ̷(̷P̷A̷R̷I̷S̷ ̷–̷ ̷F̷R̷)̷ ̷1̷3̷.̷0̷1̷ ̷|̷ ̷N̷i̷ ̷|̷ ̷K̷u̷l̷t̷u̷r̷f̷a̷b̷r̷i̷k̷ ̷(̷E̷S̷C̷H̷ ̷S̷U̷R̷ ̷A̷L̷Z̷E̷T̷T̷E̷ ̷–̷ ̷L̷U̷X̷)̷ ̷1̷4̷.̷0̷1̷ ̷|̷ ̷N̷i̷...

PoiL Ueda | Kokô 安宅 new live video

Here is a second concert excerpt from PoiL Ueda, a meeting between an expanded version of PoiL and Japanese artist Junko Ueda around popular epic tales from The Heike Epic, the third part of a Japanese medieval classic.

Pierre Pierre | Video clip – Une histoire sans le lendemain

A story without tomorrow but a clip for eternity. A huge thank you to Mlle Dou who knew how to put in image my feelings. Embark quickly on the boat of love! - Pierre Pierre

PoiL Ueda | Live video at Théâtre de la Renaissance

We've been waiting long enough to show you what PoiL Ueda looks like live. This is a first extract: Dan no Ura, major sea battle of the Genpei War in 1185. Enjoy ! See you on the tour !

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