NEW VIDEO | The new album of Pili Coït will be released this fall

Here is the track Conveyor Belt, from the next album of Pili Coït to be released in the fall! This live was realized at La Péniche during a creative residency.

Dur & Doux tour – July 2021

9.07 | Rien Faire | Pierrefilant (RIVOLET - FR) 15-16-17.07 | Odessey & Oracle | Le Péristyle de l'Opéra (LYON - FR) 29.07 | Rien Faire (SAINT-CLAUDE - FR)

PoiL Ueda | French japanese creation of PoiL and Junko Ueda

PoiL & Junko Ueda, Yoshitsune is a meeting and a musical creation between the french rock/contemporary music band of PoiL + Benoit Lecomte (bassist of the band Ni) and the Japanese traditional music singer / satsuma-biwa player Junko Ueda. The theme of the...

New compilation Dur & Doux “La fête de la musique” is released on Friday!

Two years and 11 albums after Ca marchera jamais, we have brought up a new compilation. What better context than LA FETE DE LA MUSIQUE to pay a non tribute to Jack Lang and to rush a whole bunch of tracks from the intensive breeding of the pony club. We leave the land...

ITW | Odessey & Oracle at Périscope

On the occasion of their concert at the Périscope on June 24th, the baroque pop group answered questions from the Périscope team. Why did you choose the name of a Zombies album? What links you so strongly to this band ? There was something very strong about this...

Rien Faire new music video – La Fabrique Jazz 2021 presents “Yallah” with Lucas Hercberg and François Bardier

The Fabrique Jazz et Musiques Improvisées 2021 presents "Yallah" a work created by Lucas Hercberg, author-composer, and François Bardier, visual artist, with the students of the educational unit for newcomer allophone students supervised by Anne Roumy (Lycée Récamier...

‘Les contes de nulle part’ by Anthony Béard is out !

Available in CD here ! Les contes de nulle part by Anthony Béard

Dur et Doux Tour – June 2021

June 2021 04.06 | Anthony Béard | ‘Les contes de nulle part’ album release 10.06 | Mange Ferraille + Anthony Béard | Périscope - Musiques Innovantes (FR) 24.06 | Odessey & Oracle + Rien Faire | Le Périscope (FR)


Work In Progress interviewed Lucas Hercberg during his residency with Rien Faire to find out more about the creative process. Well, it turns out that taking it easy is enough to be more creative.  Here is the meeting:...

Mula – Resiliente is out on vinyl!

Hello All, We are MULA, a collective of musicians that for 9 years have been playing together. We are from Bogotá, Colombia. And we are extremely happy to be part of the Dur et Doux family, also we are happy that one of our most beloved recordings “Resiliente”, the...

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