Odessey & Oracle – Crocorama (2020)

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DD-042 – Odessey & Oracle – Crocorama – (2020)
LP – 15€
CD – 12€

Released December 4, 2020

No, pop music is not a catalog of references that can be picked, revisited and chewed according to the successive revivals imposed by mass culture. It’s a crazy adventure taking the shape of a treasure hunt of which loot would be the perfect song: ambitious and accessible, melodic and  untamed, cerebral and physical.

This kind of perfect songs which open doors to another world. Exactly the caliber of those produced by Odessey & Oracle for a few years now. Far from any heritage docility or uninspired retromania, the band reconnects with the spirit of freedom and optimism of the great sound quests of the 60s and 70s into a furiously modern impulse. Listening to their new album Crocorama, one discovers a rich and surprising music, arranged in a baroque spirit which owes as much
to classical music and old instruments as to the infnite possibilities of electronics.

Conceived as a real record of pop songs, this album in its complexity and its ambition tends more towards “experimental chanson” according to the band’s own words. With particular attention paid to the lyrics, the pieces of this sound epic draw their richness from a long- term studio work, during which Odessey & Oracle’s members developed interlacing melodies and impressive psychedelic climates from a varied, blinker-free instrumentarium.

Fanny L’Héritier | Vocals, Electric pianos, Analog keyboards
Alice Baudoin | Harpsichord, Positive pipe organ
Guillaume Médioni | Guitars, banjo, Electric bass, Analog synths, vocals
Roméo Monteiro | percussion

Special guests
Josselin Varengo | Drums on tracks 1, 3, 5, 8
Mathilde Bouillot | Flutes on tracks 1, 4, 8
Gilles Poizat | trumpets on tracks 3, 4, 8, 10

All music & lyrics by Fanny L’Héritier and Guillaume Médioni
Recording, music production, mastering by Guillaume Médioni

Artwork | Luca Tanzini
Layout | Sandra Pasini
Typography | Fanny L’Héritier

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