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Guilhem Meier, river noisemaker and octopus drummer at PoiL, PinioL, uKanDanZ and LFant + Jessica Martin Maresco, the well-rolled cords at the four corners of tongue Mercurial, Saddam Webcam, Little Coquette, and the latest version of Meï Teï Sho.

Together we found them already twisted in Icsis and The Great Sbam. In 2014, they decided to create the music of their intimacy, of their descent of bed. To live the road and the stage together, and record everything at home.

They call the duo the name of a composition: “Billy Goat”. But the pronounces it with the Alsatian accent, because it is much more funny and sharper.

On stage, Pili Coït reproduces the sound of sand after orgasm with a can, electric guitars, a synth-drum, a tom bass, pedals, and the mixing of their genres in the mouth.

Jessica Martin Maresco | vocals, tom bass, can, synth-drum.
Guilhem Meier | vocals, guitar.

Management | communication@duretdoux.com



Pink noise – (Dur et Doux – 2018)


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Past concerts


25.05 Lieu Secret (BOURGOGNE – FR) 
29.03 La gare de coustellet (MAUBEC – FR)
23.03 Sonic (LYON – FR)
22.03 Chez Matthieu (BLOIS – FR)
21.03 Château des Fougis (THIONNE – FR) 
20.03 Concert en appart (LIMOGES – FR) 
07.02 Le Fil (SAINT-ETIENNE – FR)


07.04 La Péniche (CHALON S/ SAONE – FR) 
31.03 Les Transversales (CREST – FR) – Pili Coït + Pierre Pierre

08.12 Raymond Bar (CLERMONT – FR)
07.12 Des lendemains qui chantent (TULLE – FR) 
04.11 Pixie (LANNION – FR)
28.10 Périscope (LYON – FR)
20.10 Alimentation générale (PARIS – FR)
19.10 Cirque électrique (PARIS – FR)
13.10 Guingois (MARCILLAC-VALLON – FR)
12.10 Gran café français (AUBENAS – FR)
06.07 Espace B (PARIS – FR)
05.05 Quircky Festival (LYON – FR)
30.04 La Meduze (LYON – FR)
01.04 La Tannerie (BOURG-EN-BRESSE)
31.03 NTH8 (LYON – FR)
10.02 Mix’art Myrys (TOULOUSE – FR) – Délicieux Amours w/ Pili Coït, Chromb!, Saint Sadrill
09.02 Raymond Bar (CLERMONT SA†AN – FR) – Délicieux Amours w/ Pili Coït, Chromb!, Saint Sadrill

01.12 St Antoine (MACON – FR)
12.03 Phil Grobi (CLERMONT SA†AN – FR) – Pili Coït + Grand Sbam
19.02 La Tannerie (BOURG-EN-BROUSSE – FR) – Délicieux Amours : PinioL + Pili Coït