Dur et Doux is a collective of musicians, a label and a production structure that praises amplification and the atypical.

Born in 2008, it gathers today about thirty professional musicians based between Lyon, the Loire, and the Ain who gravitate in the Lyon’s scene of rock, jazz and innovative musics.

Dur et Doux accompanies the musicians and their creations through distribution, promotion, advice, phonographic production and the production of shows. The collective shares human, logistical and financial resources.  Dur et Doux invents places populated with acrobatic amplified music in which everything happens or almost. Child of the learned and popular sound revolutions, Dur et Doux creates a singular musical space, open to the world and its music, with a healthy distrust of reductive labels. Since its creation, Dur et Doux has grown in contact with the unexpected, with creations that never resemble each other, mixing genres and drawing new islands of public. Dur et

Doux does not define itself through a uniform aesthetic and does not brandish any stylistic banner. It defends a singular vision of amplified music, carried by about fifteen groups which have in common the concern of the detail and the love of the invention. They mix their awareness of the history of music with a desire to fight, transforming academic composition techniques into instant energy, and have been drawing the outlines of an exciting adventure for ten years.

The same group of the collective will play on stages of international jazz festivals, clubs or rooms of current music, third places all-terrains agitated by militants of the alternative cultures. The musicians who animate Dur et Doux are of the bulimic, all-purpose, and unblinking kind. Far from pretending to be in unison, they assume individualities and strong artistic personalities to better make them cohabit. What brings them together is their unquestionable thirst for novelty, their irrepressible need to invent new sound territories, while refraining from pretextual creations or the presentation of formal research without flavor. They also show a certain love for the notion of durability in an era where artistic projects seem to be victims of programmed obsolescence, and for the notion of group at a time when individualism and solo careers are advocated. This is evidenced by a growing discography, whether it be new projects or the discographic continuity of certain groups.

The collective imprint leaves its mark during numerous joint tours of the groups in France and throughout Europe. They meet there an audience more and more connoisseur of Dur et Doux, identified with a typical scene of Lyon and the region, an adventurous, atypical, dynamic and innovating scene. The numerous performances and the diffusion of the records have installed the name of Dur et Doux as the name of a generous, unpredictable and exciting collective.

The collective, its creations and actions are supported by the DRAC, the Region, the City of Lyon, the CNM, the Spedidam, the Adami, the Sacem, the FCM, the SCPP, the Institut français and the Export Office. 

Le Lobster (Lyon): production office where the collective’s offices and administrative team are located. Participation in workshops and international projects. 

Le Périscope (Lyon): concert hall and rehearsal space for the musicians of the collective. Residence and co-productions of the artists of the collective, reception of artistic proposals (Bassekou Kouyate, Convulsif, Yowie…)

La Tannerie (Bourg-en-Bresse) : concert hall and rehearsal space of Ni (François Mignot, Anthony Béard), reception of residences and concerts programming.

Le Marché Gare (Lyon) : concert hall, residencies and concerts.

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