LFant is a prepared drums solo from Guilhem Meier (PoiL, Icsis, PinioL, Ukandanz, Pili Coit, Le Grand Sbam…). The feedbacks of the drums sings with the metal. From improvisation comes the songs of an elephant gnawed away from the inside by a cloud of ants.

Fed with aikus from Kurt Cobain and yoga sutras, the song vibrates the inside and unites it to the outside storm.

The acoustic echo in a dance where the ghosts of matter return to the wild.

Guilhem Meier | drums, vocals

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Past gigs


25.10 Marché Gare (LYON -FR)
11.06 Grrrnd Zero (VAULX-EN-VELIN – FR)
12.05 LFant + Bess Of Bedlam – La Méandre (CHÂLON-SUR-SAÔNE – FR)


06.12 La Baie des singes (COURNON D’AUVERGNE – FR)
05.12 La Méandre (CHALON-SUR-SAÔNE – FR)
30.05 ANNULÉ Moers festival (MOERS – DE) – Gwyn Wurst + Lfant
17.01 Kraspek Myzik (LYON – FR) – Rien Faire + LFant


29.11 Face O (GENEVE – CH)
14.09 Festival du Confort Moderne – Less Playboy is More Cowboy (POITIERS – FR) 
31.08 Festival Baignade Interdite #8 (RIVIERES – FR)
30.08 Data (MARSEILLE – FR)
23.06 Pôle de Photographie Stimultania (STRASBOURG – FR)
22.06 La Coquille (LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS – CH)
21.06 Noise Parade – Ödl (MULHOUSE – FR)

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Magical link to an unknown world

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