Herr Geisha & the boobs – Sea/sons (2013)

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Herr Geisha & the boobs – Sea/sons (2013)
CD – 5€

Released November 14, 2013

The trio, formed in 2011, almost immediately recorded a fresh and energetic patchwork debut album, We are The Boobs!”, and in doing so set the first markers for their musical territory connecting no-wave and blues, punk and pop.

The following year, the band recorded a mini-concept album, Sea/Sons; a 32-minute contemplative piece articulated in 4 movements, each corresponding to a season. Moving away from the standard trio formula (the album will not be played live), Sea/Sons explores soundscapes composed of superimposed layers that color ostinatos. We are here in a work of chamber music in the service of pop songs.

In 2014, TheDeadMachineThatGoesPing is released, a return to the rock format with 10 mastered and effective songs.

Herr Geisha & The Boobs released their 4th opus in the fall of 2015. Book Of Mutations is a 47-minute track that manages to create a balance between claimed rock efficiency and sound texture writing. This is an organic process, like a ferment whose proliferating action kneads a simple musical matter, a burning lava whose continuous flow allows one to drown in it until oblivion. A unique breath crossing the multiplicity of manifested forms, the same energy leads us, through several phases of mutations, in several movements, to a recomposed silence.

Boris Cassone | guitar, voice
Sylvain Ferlay | guitar
Mélissa Acchiardi | percussions

Recorded by Sébastien Vallet
Mixed by Julien Espinoza at La Ruche studios

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