Vil François (2014)

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Vil François (2014)
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Released on February 27, 2014

A guitar, six nylons strings, ten fingers, four varnished nails, a stuffed fox, all gathered for a contemplative, colorist and softly melodic music.

If the repertory that Vil François proposes is composed, it could be similar to improvised music: long dreamlike pieces based on slowly evolving patches of color, where repetitions and loops cross and answer each other. The different tableaux and the unfolding of the pieces are clearly defined, but time can expand according to the feeling of the moment. On stage, Vil François punctuates his performances with saucy interludes, taking the form of a conversation with his faithful companion Colonel, a stuffed fox to whom he confides the states of mind of a solitary, single, frustrated character, cut off from the human world, almost misanthropic…

Performed and composed by François Mignot

Recorded at the Château de Saint Diéry in August 2013.
Sound recording, mixing, mastering: Ernest Bergez.

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