Chromb! – Cinq (2023)

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DD-069 – Chromb! – Cinq
LP – 17€
CD – 14€

Release November 3, 2023
CHROMB! has been making CHROMB! for ten years, five albums and many concerts. And CHROMB! is music. The band is driven by four heads, propelled by an overflowing imagination, electrically powered and impervious to classification. Sometimes their mother would be jazz, since CHROMB! looks like her in photos, and sometimes rock, since it’s true that it’s not completely wrong. What defines CHROMB! above all is their elasticity, their devotion to both melody and racket, and their obstinacy in continuing to invent unpredictable pieces of music.
CHROMB!’s new album is called CINQ because it’s a very pretty name. As is often the case with CHROMB! it is constructed as a seemingly incoherent succession of contrasting atmospheres: dancefloors are charged with absurdity, melodies are too pretty to be true, lead vocals and howls, sometimes it’s a song, sometimes it’s not, but in any case, it’s generous and sincere.
Perhaps what characterizes this album is the way it goes straight to the point, trying to lose the listener on straight lines.
You might think of John Carpenter, DAF, the Beach Boys, Errorsmith or John Zorn, but in the end, this is CHROMB! you’re listening to.

Antoine Mermet | saxophone, synthesizer, delay, vocals, composition
Camille Durieux | synthesizers, vocals
Léo Dumont | drums, vocals
Lucas Hercberg | bass, vocals, composition

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