PoiL – Sus (2019)

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DD-027 – PoiL – Sus (2019)
LP – 15€
CD – 12€

Released April 26, 2019

Sus, the latest album by PoiL, the ultra-speed superhero trio, subtly but distinctively reveals their premature genius. The album is made up of two epic cuts of 20 minutes each, where humour makes space for lyricism and Occitan poetry. Serenades at dawn, coitus of the skies and seas, mad dogs shrieking from the bottom of a well… PoiL has taken off its red spandex suit in favour of a polyphonic troubadour cap, seemingly better-behaved but ever closer to madness.

Lulled by sweet Occitan patois, the gritty trio have appropriated Max Rouquette and Théodore Aubanel’s béarnaise and provençale poetry to cloak their sound.

Inspiration abounds in their compositions: Occitan polyphony and Renaissance counterpoints; repetitive music and buccal-filtered vocalizations inspired by Stockhausen Stimmung on a mushroom trip; technoïd rhythms for limping dancers. All this is served on a bed of rapid, indulgent and distorted sound evoking thoughts of rabid dogs and the nocturnal swarming of a forest under a full moon.

The release of SUS follows on that of L'ire des papes, Dins o cuol and Brossaklitt, and sees PoiL skidding into another bend in their tortuous road. The album was recorded at l’Art Scène studio by Adiran Bourget with the same energy and raw sound of their live shows.

Antoine Arnera | Keyboard, vocals
Boris Cassone | Bass, vocals
Guilhem Meier | Drums, vocals

Adrian Bourget | Recording in June 2018 and mixing in November 2018 at studio l’Art-Scène
J R A P H i.n.g | Mastering
Clément Dupuis | Executive production
Benoit Lecomte | Layout
Kamille Fau | Artwork

Music and lyrics by PoiL except Lyrics of Lou Libre de L'Amour by Théodore Aubanel

All music and arrangements by PoiL

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