Brice et sa pute – Musique Actuelle (2018)

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DD – 026 – Brice et sa pute – Musique Actuelle (2018)
LP 12″ – 15€
CD – 10€

Released on 28 September 2018

Brice et sa pute is based on the friendship of two individuals at opposite ends of the spectrum and gravitates between brutality and frills.

The simplicity lies in the tools: a voice, a bass, a palette, and that will be it; uncompromising, direct, and rhythmic lyrics. But the compositions are close to mathematics and the words are dense, the words become dense, the terrain uneven.

It is in concert that things are said and the discographic production is rare. The duo flirts with theatre and performance, and the question of recording has always required a long study to reach relevance.

Today, 5 years after the first album, the experience is repeated, with, even more present in mind, the real question: what does an audio trace mean for a performance?

They call on a musician to record and mix them – Ernest Bergez, known as Sourdure – and give him a field of expression close to artistic production. His fields of exploration are wide: between electronic music, the quest for acoustic sound, and today’s folklore.

The starting point is simple: Brice and his whore tell stories, and to do this they are going to be three.

We’ll leave the antics for the concerts and keep only the snapshot of the spectacular: everything is recorded live, voices and instruments, together in the same room. The narratives are carried by sound explorations close to the radio play, or even the cinema, performed mainly in real time. We witness a stripping away of layers, the appearance of immediate musical spaces. All tools are good: singular microphones, instruments of chance… Improvisation has its place. It is in a deep understanding of what is at stake in terms of sound and narrative that Ernest Bergez’s work finds all its relevance.

This music was made in January 2018 at Laurent Fellot’s Studio Rouge (Des fourmis dans les mains) in Beaujolais.

Lyrics | Marie Nachury
Music | Pierre Chanel and Marie Nachury (except 1 – Words: Pierre Chanel and 5 – Music: Maurice Ravel)
Arrangements 1 and 5 | Pierre Chanel
Artistic Production | Ernest Bergez
Production | Dur et Doux

Recorded at Studio Rouge in Pierre Filant by Ernest Bergez
Mixed at Royat Dubwise by Ernest Bergez
Mastered at Grey Market
Mastering in Montreal by Harris Newman

Marie Nachury | vocals, sistrum, megaphone, piano, accordion, claps, gong, cymbals, duck, plastic drum
Pierre Chanel | bass, palette, vocals, piano, trumpet, flute, claps, dog, stool
Ernest Bergez | pedals, amps, knobs, synths, feedback, fiddles, frog, intro voice

Cover (wire on photo) | Cécile Jarsaillon
Model | Adriana Karembeu
Layout | Pierre Chanel
Financial support | SCPP
Acknowledgements | Laurent Fellot, Clément Dupuis, Adrien Arnera, Raphaël Parseilhan, Adrien Mellot and all the subscribers

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