PinioL – Bran Coucou (2018)

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DD-022 – PinioL – Bran Coucou – (2018)
Double LP 12″ – 20€
CD – 10€

Released on April 27, 2018

If there is a mistake not to be made when apprehending the Piniol project, it is to put the spectacular side of the formula before the music itself. Because on paper, this 7-headed hydra will inevitably stand out in the hexagonal musical landscape. Where the current canons aim at always more simplicity (as well in the formula as in the music precisely), Piniol does not set limits. Spontaneous meeting of two formations (Poil and Ni), Piniol (you will appreciate the anagram) has chosen since its beginnings to occupy unbridled and free musical grounds (noise, jazz, before rock, math) while cultivating a permanent research and a perpetual movement, as only seven brains can produce.

On stage, there are two guitar-bass-drums trios, one in the garden, the other in the courtyard, separated by a keyboard player, central element and convergent point that create a strange impression. Do we see double? Yes and no, and it is probably this uncertainty that invites the loss of the senses and a certain abandonment. The one that requires a music as out of format, at the same time terribly reflected and (in)voluntarily primal as the one that resounds on Bran Coucou, new album produced and released by the Lyonnais collective Dur Et Doux. From frontal and voluble pieces to arid and collected passages, Piniol doesn’t choose between maxi and minimalism and asserts his singularity in his syncretic approach of musical extremes that could have been judged complicated to accommodate at first sight

In the end, it’s a good surprise: Bran Coucou is surprisingly digestible and gives only one desire: to see the whole on stage. Because it is undoubtedly the playground of this unique division (accompanied by the sound creations of Florian Bardet and Judiacel Brun, and scenography/lighting of Pierre Josserand) which make each representation a true auditory and visual immersive experience. As you can see, the Piniol labyrinth has several entrances but only one exit: ecstasy.

Antoine Arnera | Keyboard, voice
Boris Cassone | Bass, voice
Guilhem Meier | Drums, voice
Anthony Béard | Guitar, voice
François Mignot | Guitar, vocals
Benoit Lecomte | Bass, vocals
Jean Joly | Drums

Benoit Bel | Recording at Mikrokosm studio
R3my Boy | Mixing and mastering
Clément Dupuis | Executive Production
Adrien Arnera | Administration
Willy Ténia | Artistic creation

All music and arrangements by PinioL

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