PoiL Ueda – S/T (2023)

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DD-054 – PoiL Ueda – S/T (2023)
LP – 16€
CD – 14€

Released March 3, 2023

PoiL Ueda,  Yoshitsune  is a meeting and a musical creation between the french rock/contemporary music band of PoiL + Benoit Lecomte (bassist of the band Ni) and the Japanese traditional music singer / satsuma-biwa player Junko Ueda. The theme of the creation is around the Japanese epic story ‘Heike-Monogatari’ from the13th century.

The composition is based on this traditional epic singing accompanied by the satsuma-biwa and Buddhist Shomyo chant. This project is a great opportunity to explore a new musical universe by meeting between an European super modern musical formation and a Japanese ancient traditional music. An experimental, yet powerfully common musical expressions of both styles which create an exciting discovery.

A new experience where the unbridled experimental rock of PoiL mixes with the calm and sinuous voice, the narrative force and the great charisma of Junko Ueda.

Antoine Arnera | keyboards
Boris Cassone | guitar
Ben Lecomte | electro acoustic bass
Guilhem Meier | drums & percussion
Junko Ueda | satsuma biwa, vocals

Stéphane Piot | recording at Hacienda
RemyBoy | mix & mastering

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