Pili Coït – Love Everywhere (2021)

12,00 TTC

Sortie le 12 novembre 2021

Pili Coït, Duo/Indie/Love/Grunge

Guilhem Meier, river noisemaker and octopus drummer at PoiL, PinioL, uKanDanZ and LFant + Jessica Martin Maresco, strings rolled to the four corners of the tongue at Le Grand Sbam, Saddam Webcam, and most recently EZ3kiel.

Immersion in a corrosive and comforting napalm. These two adventurers of the Velvetian underground invite us in their intimacy, by proposing a purified and rich music, which has of “Low-fi” only the contours… Probably to better reveal a superb songwriting and an eloquent sound signature, like a flayed challenge to heaviness. In search of raw sincerity and complete sharing since 2014, they live, write, play, and crisscross life together. Here they are back for a second opus, a second offering thrown to the four winds like a violent obstinacy to resist the harshness of life; The climb was obscure, the effort stinging, the lungs begging for the imminence of a gush of mysterious and vulnary sap.

From the top of this sacred hill, finally, the two Samurai offer their intimacy and give themselves to the infinite scenery. It is as if Jeff Buckley offered us the tea ceremony during a Portishead incantation. It’s like a tête-à-tête between Nina Haggen and Nick Drake at the top of a Ferris wheel. As if Kurt Cobain had arrived by bike from China.

Armed with a can, electric guitars, a synth-drum, a tom-bass, pedals, and the mixture of two of their two cries, they sow in spite of themselves, remedies to the heavy and immutable mechanics of things.

Jessica Martin Maresco | voix, tom basse, bidon d’huile, batterie préparée
Guilhem Meier | voix, guitare
Stéphane Piot | enregistrement, mixage
R3my boy | master

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