MULA – Resiliente (2021)

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Mula – Resiliente

LP – 15€

Released May 7, 2021


Resiliente is a noisy album, infused with doses of free jazz, melodic fragments, blasts, drones and heavy saturated textures. Originally released in 2017 on Matik Matik discos, it is being released for the first time on vinyl in 2021 by Dur et Doux.

In this opus, the noise band from Chapinero (a district of Bogota) Mula operates a break and opens the field of an emancipated noisy free jazz where distortions reinvent the imaginary and the instruments (electric bass, tenor sax, alto and baritone the clarinet, guitar, drums and keyboards).

Between irony and provocation, Mula’s jumble incorporates samples in German and Spanish, field recording, splashes of guacamole recipes: “guacamole without spice is like love without desire”, verses from the father of Rasqa’s creator, Mr. Edson Velandia. It transports us in an intergalactic anti-poetic journey to the era of the end of reason.

The album contains a subliminal tribute to the Colombian bassist Humberto Monroy and the current theme of El maravilloso mundo de Ingesón (1968), “If war is good business, invest in your children”, and numerous evocations of bands such as Supersilent, Swans, Behemoth, Sonic Youth, José José and Diomedes Díaz.

Anti-patriarchal, anti-aesthetic and anti-conformist, Mula fits into the cartography of bands in the Latin American region and represents a radical and urgent accent against the fragile social neuroses that creative music fights with crudity and sincerity.

Juan Ignacio Arbaiza | Tenor Sax
Camilo Bartelsman | Drums
Santiago Botero | Bass
Diego Herrera | Laptop and synths
Enrique “Kike” Mendoza | Guitar
María “Mange” Valencia | Clarinet in Bb, Bass Clarinet and Alto Sax

Jose Miguel Vega “El Profe” | Trombón in Ataraxia
German Velandia | “diatriba sobre el guacamole de un fránces” in Ataraxia

Composition | Santiago Botero
Recording | Daniel Bustos at Estudios, Audiovisión in Bogotá Colombia in January 2016
Mix | Benjamin Calais (** Hija de Remy by R3myBoy)
Master | R3myBoy 2020

Photography and artwork | Bibiana Rojas.
Layout | Judith Saurel

Executive production | Clement Dupuis

This vinyl edition of Resiliente is done thanks to the support of IDARTES, Bogotá, Colombia

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