Mirlitorrinco – Odas mixtas para criaturas mínimas (2022)

12,00 TTC

released on june 10, 2022

A creature of a strange morphology and dramatic grunts, the Mirlitorrinco is a unique monotreme mammal.
Crepuescular, hermaphrodite, polygamous, oblivious, and a deft swimmer, the Mirlitorrinco has been the object of study by many renowned twentieth century pataphysicians.

On the other hand is it also the name of a quartet from Bogotá that played its debut performance at matik-matik on July 27, 2017, in a lovely, intimate recital that established it as a prime parlour music ensemble. In resemblance with the little animal singularities, the group exhibits musical habits that are concrete and surreal, drawing from movie soundtrack sounds, naive and playful chamber music, instrumental proto-rock with an experimental bend, and picturesque jazz.

This unlikely mixture has been concocted jointly by Ricardo Arias, an internationally celebrated interpreter of rubber balloons, who for this occasion has dusted off his flute and soprano saxophone; Nicolás Eckardt, bassit, guitarrist and percussionist known for his work in bands such as La Sonora Mazurén, La Tromba Bacalao, Romperayo and the Conjunto Media Luna; Mauricio Ramírez, the legendary drummer of the group San Alejo, the punk jazz trio Pérez, Meridian Brothers and notable improviser; and María Valencia, alto saxophoneand clarinetist from Meridian Brothers, Mula and VienTox, whose personal projects (Tortuga alada, Curruncho) fluctuate between instant composing, anime and chamber spirited free jazz- and composer whose personal projects (Tortuga alada, Curruncho) fluctuate between instant composing, anime and chamber spirited free jazz.

Ricardo Arias | transverse flute, soprano sax, kazoo
Mauricio Ramírez | percussion, drums and jaguar
Nicolás Eckardt | guitar & electric banjo
María “Mange” Valencia | soprano & bass clarinet, alto sax, shehnai
Eduardo Arias | Special guest on Humo, voice

Juan Camilo Montañez Riveros | recording
Nicolás Eckardt | Mix at Estudios la Milagrosa
R3myboy | Master

Artwork | Marcelo Arias et Mauricio Arias
Arrangement | Mirlitorrinco
Production | Dur et Doux & Mirlitorrinco

Recorded on December 13 & 14 2020 at Tauratay, Vereda de Palacio, Sutausa, Cundiamarca except Huma recorded live at *matik-matik* in Bogotá on March 1st 2018.

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