Les Secrètes Sessions x Dur et Doux (2022)

10,00 TTC

released on july 22, 2022

In June 2022, Dur et Doux organised Les Secrètes Sessions for a unique creation at La Tannerie. You take a bunch of musicians and put them into a studio for 3 days. For 2 hours, they mingle to create and record original songs. Les Secrètes Sessions is the realm of musical exchange!

A technical team filmed everything and the 14 episodes are currently being broadcast. Discover unreleased tracks with : Mélissa Acchiardi, Anthony Béard, Guillaume Bertrand, Myriam Bovis, Cynthia Caubisens, Pierre Chanel, Maud Chapoutier, Rémi Foucrier, Stéphane Giner, Pierre Glorieux, Guillaume Lagache, Guilhem Meier, François Mignot, Estelle Mouge and Judith Saurel.

More than a project, Les Secrètes Sessions are a real human experience that (re)places the encounter, the unexpected, the freedom of expression and conviviality at the heart of the musical creation process.

R3my Boy | Mix & mastering
Djavanshir .N | Photo
Matthieu Desprez & Antoni Carneiro I Attic Addict | Video
JC Carron | Sound FOH
Marcus Cardon | Stage management
Clement Dupuis | Executive production
Adrien Arnera | Administration

Catering, love and good Mood I Rabelais
Production I Dur et Doux

With the support of DRAC Auvergne Rhône Alpes and CNM.

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