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A guitar, six nylon strings, ten fingers, four varnished nails, a stuffed fox, all together for a contemplative, colorist and gently melodic music.

If the repertoire offered by Vil François is composed, it could be likened to improvised music : long, dreamlike pieces based on slowly evolving color ranges, where repetitions and loops intersect and answer one another. The different paintings and the sequence of the pieces are clearly defined, but the time can expand there according to the feeling of the moment. On stage, Vil François punctuates his performances of crazy interludes, taking the form of conversation with his faithful companion Colonel, stuffed fox to whom he entrusts the states of mind of a lonely, single, frustrated person, cut off from the human world, almost misanthrope…



s​/​t – LP (Autoprod – 2014)


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Past concerts

27.04 Je Marche Seul (LYON – FR) – Vil François + Ursule&Madame

25.11 Librairie Compagnon (GRANDRIS – FR) – Sheezahee + Des Lalles + Vil François
20.01 Tasse Livre (LYON – FR)

03.05 Carte Blanche Dur & Doux : Le Kraspek (LYON – FR) – Janel & Anthony + Vil François