Bess of Bedlam, Mirlitorrinco, Rien Faire | It’s almost summer! Don’t miss our spring releases

Jun 17, 2022

They have not been idle! Here are the spring releases:

We are happy to present you at Dur et Doux the new album of Bess of Bedlam (the 2 buddies of Odessey & Oracle), Dance Until The Crimes End. It’s sweet, sophisticated, folk pop and also sometimes psychedelic. Released on May 20th.

Across the Atlantic, our Colombian friends (MULA, Meridian Brother, Tortuga Alada etc…) are back with their project Mirlitorrinco for your/our greatest pleasure. Concrete and surrealistic music, drawing from the sounds of film soundtracks, naive and playful chamber music, instrumental proto-rock with experimental tendencies and picturesque jazz. Odas mixtas para criaturas mínimas, released on June 10.

Finally, Rien Faire had nothing to do with it but to warn us too much in advance. Paf! They release a surprise digital album hand in hand with allophone high school students arriving in France, as part of a cultural action around multilingual poetry. Fun! Je me lèverai avant d’être triste, released on June 3rd.

Go for it, damn it!

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