Spring 2023 releases

Apr 1, 2023

Spring is cool! Discover the 4 outings of the season.

Ultraphauna is a newborn band of art-rock veterans whose wide-eyed, wriggling form is born of the music of Timba Harris (violin, trumpet) and Dorothy Wave (vocals, synths). -> April 21

a.P.A.t.T. are an English ensemble generally known for their avant-garde music and multimedia works. Redefining notions of failure and success with electronic art pop. They are back with their first new studio album in 6 years. -> May 5 (Pre-order April 7)

ULTRA ZOOK is an unusual rock trio that makes dance the zumba by using tunes of traditional music from Auvergne. -> May 5 (Pre-order April 7)

Ramdam Fatal is a hellish ceremony celebrating the meeting between four musicians of the company l’Excentrale and the trio Ultra Zook. Ramdam Fatal is a brutal deconfinement of the music of Auvergne, from the glowing belly of a new chimera. -> May 5 (Pre-order April 7)

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