Vocoder – V.O.C.O.D.E.R (2023)

16,00 TTC

DD-073 – Vocoder – V.O.C.O.D.E.R (2023)
LP – 16€

Release October 6, 2023
“LOOK! They’ve got mouths and microphones!
– Yes, they play with and in them
– It moves me
– It scares me
– I laugh
– Ah?
– This is VOCODER, the duo formed by Damien Grange and Antoine Mermet.
– And who are you?
– I’m a fictional character
– I envy you
– They improvise completely
– Just as well, I hate partial improvisation
– Good-bye now.
– You’re right, au revoir indeed.”
What Damien Grange and Antoine Mermet have in common is that they both regularly break down the wall separating sound from the rest, in music groups (Rature, CHROMB!, Marteau Matraque, Saint Sadrill, Marmite Infernale…) or non-music groups (Compagnies Als, Groupe Fantomas, Kopfkino, Grand Sbam…).

Damien Grange and Antoine Mermet | vocals, microphones, mixer, real time

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