PoiL Ueda – Yoshitsune (2023)

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DD-066 – PoiL Ueda – Yoshitsune (2023)
LP – 16€
CD – 14€

Release November 3, 2023
This is the second episode in the collaboration between the musicians of PoiL and musician/performer/composer Junko Ueda, singer and player of Satsuma Biwa. It’s an unprecedented experience in which PoiL’s wild, experimental rock blends with Junko Ueda’s sinuous, calm voice, narrative power and charisma.
After a successful international tour to critical acclaim, PoiL Ueda is back in force with ‘Yoshitsune‘. The Heike-Monogatari tells the epic story of the hero Yoshitsune, who brought victory to his Genji clan in their epic war with the Heike clan. After years of war, the Heike clan was finally defeated at the naval battle of Dan-no-Ura Bay. The Genji took power in Kamakura, south of present-day Tokyo, and ruled Japan from 1192 to 1333, establishing what is now known as the Kamakura period. Minamoto-no-Yoritomo was the general of the Genji and the elder brother of Yoshitsune, who swore allegiance to Yoritomo. Despite Yoshitsune’s heroic service and solemn oath, Yoritomo suspected him of secretly intending to seize power and ordered his assassination. Yoshitsune is forced into exile.
Rediscover the fusion of PoiL’s cosmic rock and Junko Ueda’s medieval epics in this second opus.

Antoine Arnera | keyboards
Boris Cassone | guitar
Ben Lecomte | electro acoustic bass
Guilhem Meier | drums & percussion
Junko Ueda | satsuma biwa, vocals

Stéphane Piot | recording at Hacienda
RemyBoy | mix & mastering

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