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Some songs a bit weird.

In these, it may be question of interstices between objects and of painful stigmas that appear on the coat of some animals that never existed. There may also be obscure references to a book that will be written in the next century and guided tours of places where no one wants to go and which, moreover, probably disappeared.
Sometimes these songs are sweet, but other times, no.
Sometimes it scrapes, it hammers, slips, hovers or splits.
Some say it’s fragile and sensitive.

Electric bass / Vocals(Lucas Hercberg plays, among others, with CHROMB !, The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra w / Loïc Lantoine, Saint Sadrill…)




Crabe – LP (Autoprod – 2017)


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Past concerts

02.12 La fraternelle / Café de la Maison du Peuple (ST-CLAUDE – FR)
11.06 Chateau de Blacieux (ST-JOSEPH – FR)
09.06 Lez’Arts Kfé (VALENCE – FR)
08.06 Grrnd Zero (LYON – FR)